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1 an example regarded as typical of its class
2 a bit of tissue or blood or urine that is taken for diagnostic purposes; "they collected a urine specimen for urinalysis"

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Latin, from specere "to look"


  • /ˈspesɪmɪn/


  1. An individual instance that represents a class; an example.
  2. A sample, especially one used for diagnostic analysis.
  3. , an eligible man (often preceded by "fine"), See: Image:PostcardLeapYearBeCarefulClara1908.jpg and Image:TrinityCollegeConnecticut1905Postcard.jpg

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  • Finnish: esimerkki
  • Japanese: 見本
jocular: an eligible man

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A specimen is an individual animal, plant or microorganism used as a representative to study the properties of the whole population of that species
Specimen may also refer to:

In medical laboratory

In typography

  • A type specimen is a publication that shows the available glyphs in a typeface, including variations used for ligatures and special ornaments.
  • In handwriting recognition, forensic handwriting analysis and signature verification, the term sample refers to a specimen of handwriting.
  • Central Banks send so-called Specimen banknote (or specimens) to other banks before issuing a new banknote. To avoid its use as a legal tender note the banknote is perforated or punched, given a serial number of 000000 (all zeroes), or is overprinted with the word "Specimen" or "Cancelled" in any language.

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case, case history, case in point, cross section, embodiment, example, exemplar, exponent, illustration, instance, little bite, little smack, model, pattern, piece, representation, representative, sample, sampling, sort, species, swatch, taste, taster, type, typification, variety
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